Old Tech

Old Technology is Best Technology I’m typing this post surrounded by new. I have a Steam Deck charging, I have a Pixel 6a and a PinePhone on my desk. This laptop has 32 GB of RAM, and the Blu Ray player showing me Strange New Worlds is smarter than anything I am going to advocate for in this post. On the other hand, I don’t have a calculator. My E-reader doesn’t touch networks, I don’t like cars built after 2004, and I think that pens are more important than keyboards.


I love data acquisition. A lot. I like having data to analyze, and I like interacting with the physical world in unique ways. My spouse feels largely the same way, I think. So, we’re going to put an observatory on our lot centered around the RV Of Prey. The plan is to have it as a facility that can gather and analyze: Weather Data Space Data Solar Data Radio Data and Communication Ecological Data I think this will be beneficial in a few ways, including that it’s super dark and well protected down there, so Astronomy will be substantially easier.

Callsigns are PII…

While talking to someone way smarter than me we collaboratively determined that FCC issued Amateur Callsigns constitute PII. For the following reasons: PII is defined “Any representation of information that permits the identity of an individual to whom the information applies to be reasonably inferred by either direct or indirect means.” US Department of Labor 1 FCC Callsigns are issued by a federal agency specifically as a unique identifier that is inextricably linked to an individual with the sole purpose of identifying the individual.


What this is, and what it isn’t I was, initially going to put together a full training for folks to handle proactive defenses to Doxxing, including active counter-operations. In truth, I might still do this over time in book form; I will not be able to acheive it for this. What I can do, however, is put together a few FAQ type questions, and provide some resources on how to handle the situation.

Greed is fucking the world.

Inflation is a hard thing to understand, and so is Economics as a field in general. That said, there are some lessons… Look at the Inflation crises of 2022. During a global pandemic, during the starting of a potential World War, the United States on the brink of a civil war, and countries all around the world struggling to maintain a supply chain things started to get pretty bad, economically speaking.


Things I think were interesting to read Vegetable Garden in a planter Things I think should be read The Star Trek Destiny Trilogy. Because holy shit that’s the best explanation the origin of the Borg. Because gestures broadly at everything Brave New World. [ibid.] Other stuff I found interesting Star Trek…


In light of the recent ruling by the Supreme Court overturning Roe, Casey, and calling into question protections of the 14th Amendment entirely there are some pretty big changes going on in the legal world that I want you all to be aware of. Note: As I say regularly, I am not a Lawyer but a professional and legal scholar. I do not provide any of this information as advisory, but as information only.


Fuck. Everything. If you hadn’t yet realized, this post will have profanity in it… A lot. Seriously though. The internet was, at least in my memory, a place where we could go and find new things made by people and not by all 5 of the corporations that own fucking everything. (Ok, maybe 5 corporations that own fucking everything and the 50 more that are collecting and selling your personal data).

Mindful Internet

Ideas on how to be more concious online First: I’m just some person ranting and rambling on the internet. Consider that before you think anything I say is anything resemlbing authority on the various questions that mean 42. I think a lot about the internet. I think about it for work, I think about it for fun, and I think about it compulsively. I was born into the internet. I was raised by it, molded by it.



“J4YC33’s just this person, you know?” ~ Not Gag Halfrunt, probably…