In light of the recent ruling by the Supreme Court overturning Roe, Casey, and calling into question protections of the 14th Amendment entirely there are some pretty big changes going on in the legal world that I want you all to be aware of. Note: As I say regularly, I am not a Lawyer but a professional and legal scholar. I do not provide any of this information as advisory, but as information only. Any actions you take on my information are your decision alone.

Note: the suggestions to get a VPN, and how to handle your period tracker data by moving it offshore are, in fact, advice. Their legal implications, however, are not.

I was informed yesterday by a number of lawyers I work with in the course of my job, that Due Process is now a pretty hefty question in both application and theory. While we had justices affirm their commitment to other 14th amendment rulings, and the rulings themselves, we had at least one openly call for a review of 3 notable 14th amendment cases, AND THE AMENDMENT ITSELF. Because of this, it is fairly complicated to be able to move forward with any certainty. Additionally, and crucially to you all, your right to privacy is hinged on your right to due process. Without it, the right to privacy becomes near null. I suggest the following:

  • If you don’t have a VPN that you use for all internet surfing, get one. Warrant canaries are disappearing by the hour (literally) and the current supposition is that they will fight obstruction of these warrants with an argument that the supreme court has called into question due process and privacy rights.

  • If you use a period tracker and live in a dangerous state, or know someone who does both, for the love of Christ DO NOT delete the data AND IMMEDIATELY STOP USING THE SERVICE IF IT IS NOT OFF SHORE. Deleting the data can be used as a prima facie case that you were hiding something in the world of digital evidence and crime commission. Also: that historical data can’t be used against you, and it has benefit to you. On the other hand, move all of that shit to a service that stores it’s data offshore. Ideal countries include Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Germany, or other countries with strong extradition rules.

  • If you haven’t been radicalized by this yet: Do it right fucking now.

Finally, Voting isn’t going to solve this problem. It is no longer the extent of civic duty, but the baseline thereof. Everyone must vote, and everyone must do more than voting. Organize, go out on the streets, provide helpful information and support, provide logistical support, throw the bricks. Do something more than voting.

Die Gedanken Sind Frei.



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