I am J4YC33. I think. I’m pretty sure, but any minute now I could be a sperm whale falling to earth next to a pot of petunias…

I like doing things, and making stuff. I am trying to get better about documenting the stuff I do, and my general journey through life. This is one of many attempts to do so.

I also like studying and researching; I’m a chronic student. I’m currently reaching the end of at least one academic journey. But I have a doctorate to complete first.

I’m a maker/hacker/person-that-does-a-bunch-of-stuff. I’ve grown up with computers more consistently in my life than people, and I have some very passionate opinions about how the internet should be.

I also have very passionate opinions about Capitalism, and how it’s a bane of humanity, a blight on humanity, and an abject horror that needs to be erased from existence.

This is my place on the internet, where I can say things and post things and share things that isn’t dictated by the F E E D ™. I hope that this can, eventually as it grows, form a repository of knowledge, and a starting point to surf the cool parts of the internet… at least as I think it is.

But that’s just like, my opinion man…

Hopefully you enjoy yourself, and maybe stick around! <3

Some stuff I hope to cover on this site:

  1. Cool computer shit to do with tutorials!
  2. Cool Non-Computer shit to do with enough information you might be able to cobble through.
  3. Observations of cool shit I do
  4. Lot’s of Star Trek (hopefully)
  5. General musings
  6. Fiction … apparently

Caution - Disclaimer - Achtung!

Anything you read on this website are my own opinions, and where researched and stated is presented only for information. Do not act upon anything on this website without consulting with appropriate legal, medical, or engineering professionals where applicable.



“J4YC33’s just this person, you know?” ~ Not Gag Halfrunt, probably…