I love data acquisition. A lot.

I like having data to analyze, and I like interacting with the physical world in unique ways. My spouse feels largely the same way, I think. So, we’re going to put an observatory on our lot centered around the RV Of Prey.

The plan is to have it as a facility that can gather and analyze:

  • Weather Data
  • Space Data
  • Solar Data
  • Radio Data and Communication
  • Ecological Data

I think this will be beneficial in a few ways, including that it’s super dark and well protected down there, so Astronomy will be substantially easier.

The Solar Observations will inform the Radio data, and it’s a really fun challenge to need to make all of that work.

The Weather station will make so much more sense down there, away from the primary buildings and in a transportable way.

The other benefit is, in the event of an emergency needing ARES response or something (when I can get through the training), or something along those lines, it can all be brought along with! (except for the permanent antennas I intend to put down there!)

It will absolutely be a fun challenge, and hopefully it can expand one day into having the ability to do radio telescopy and other such fun stuff!

(Also, with the RV there it will be much more likely to be able to get late- night observing and such done.)

In the winter it’ll be interesting needing to take water down there (while the RoP is winterized I can’t keep water in the tanks.) Also, will need to put either a cassette toilet or a composting one for winter. But, with the propane and electrical, it should mitigate most problems year round (which is extra exciting; I didn’t think RoP would get any winter use, and now I have a good year-round use for it!).

I’m absolutely positive my kiddos will love the prospect of being able to just up and go camping fairly far out in the middle of nowhere at the drop of a hat. I know my spouse and I will probably make use of it as a nice getaway. I will be able to work out of it, once I get a good wifi extender.



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