New Beginnings


Ok, so, last winter kicked my ass.


But that’s enough of that. Here we are, it’s finally something resembling spring of 2023. I’m finally getting to my weather station, again! A couple of Hackerboxes back (088), I got a breakthrough in how to make this happen: A Pico-W and a circuit board specifically for monitoring weather. Now, it was designed to be expandable to the exact weather sensors I had (serendipity). With that, I ordered all of the parts and got it assembled. (I’ll be putting the code up on git here soon.)

That said, I get weather:

Temperature: 23.2 C Humidity: 23.8 % Pressure: 795.9 hPa Wind Speed: 4.5 MpH Gusting at 4.5 MpH Wind Dir: 2.85033 Rain: 0.0 29.4.2023 16:51:34

The big problem I have right now is that the Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure are all my bedroom… I need to get the indoor hardware moved down to my basement, and get the P/H/T sensor outside. For that goal I have a wonderful radiation shield to mount on the southern edge of my porch, enough wire to meet me in the basement, and 200 feet of 4-wire to connect to the weather sensors on the roof…

But no rj-11 couplers… those got delayed for some reason. I’m setting aside some time this week to work on this. I’ll post an update when I do!

Update: 4/30/2023

Ok, so I got impatient once I got to resoldering all the connections and, well I finished the weather station. The coupler I’m using now is made of spare through hole jacks and jumper wires, but it’s working. The P/H/T sensor is in a good place and functional. I can view the weather constantly and start taking this data and doing some useful analytics with it. Personally, I hope that I can get some good visualizations up for it. For right now, though, I’ve got to get on that ligtning sensor!



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