Getting Started


So far what we’ve missed in these notes is that I have a set of sensors for wind direction, speed, and rain. The rain gauge is currently giving us some issues, but ultimately everything else is working. We’re planning on augmenting the set up with some BME-280 sensors (these will add temperature, pressure, and humidity sensing.)

Once those are in place, we can add an air quality sensor, and really get going measuring the weather in earnest. Coupled with the ability to get weather images that could be pretty great.

Right now I have raw data coming in and visualized, but I need to get it all into a dashboard. I’ll probably ultimately use ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana), but I might do some basic visualization tutorials with the data as well.

For the moment, I’m working on fixing the rain gauge, but the same storms that have hindered my stargazing lately have hindered us getting up onto the roof to check the platform.

Once I get settled on things I’ll put up a beta of the code on a git service of some kind. I don’t know which I’ll use, but I think I want one more open than gitlab. I supposed I could host gitea, but that seems like just another thing to administrate…



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