Out Of Band - 07-01-2022


It has been storming for the last 4 days. Tonight I could see a smattering of stars to the north but that was about it. I can’t even glimpse full constellations right now. What I can do though, is continue the research portions of the Beyond Polaris process. I had ordered two books, and a copy of the World Book 2021 in print that I wanted to arrive before I continued.

I may be a huge computer person and rely a lot on technology, but research done with books has alwas been more appealing to me as a person. That said, the first of them: They Dance in the Sky. Native American Star Myths by Jean Guard Monroe and Ray A. Williamson got here today. I have read the first chapter already and it is utterly fascinating. I can’t wait to get the next book (also about Native American culture and Astronomy). These are going to inform my write up on some constellation myths (the Beyond Polaris program only requires 2 myths, but I want to do more than that…).

After that, I can get back to researching with an actual encyclopedia!



“J4YC33’s just this person, you know?” ~ Not Gag Halfrunt, probably…